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My gunsmith has his tax stamps paid for his full auto's.
He has a MAC 11 and another full auto that I think is a Sten. He's let me go out back behind the shop and empty a couple of magazines from the Sten before. I haven't hed the opprotunity to shoot the MAC 11 yet, but I'll take a box of ammo down with me next time I see him. Then I'll get the opportunity to shoot it too.
Of all the machine guns I've had the chance to shoot I still like the M-2 the best out of all. For hand held full auto rifles I prefer the M-16 over the AK-47. Machine guns are a whole bunch of fun to shoot, that's for sure.
When the time comes that I don't want a new gun, Call the undertaker!
My firearm is an investment on my life.
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