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500 S&W 700 grainer


This is a group buy from over on It comes from Miha Prevec who lives and works in Slovenija. If you've never seen one of his molds, you're missing how nice they look. That's if you don't mind waiting for over a year, it started on 01-19-2010!

What a fine piece of work!

After boiling in soapy water, I preheated it on my hot plate. I decided to do one cavity with the plain pound HP, the other with the penta point. The PP didn't want to release the boolit. It flat out refused to let go. I had to melt it loose with the P. torch. Second try, same story. I removed the PP pin, coated the other pin with FA mold release. That solved the problem, but it wore off after about 10 boolits.

Here's a few pics;

Lubed with lar's red or carnuba red if you prefer, and gas checked w/Hornady gas checks. The solid is 680.7 lubed, 665.1 bare. The penta point is 625.8 lubed, 609.1 bare. The normal HP is 616.0 lubed, 598.2 bare.

The alloy is 75% lino--25% pure lead, so it's pretty darned hard. It certainly don't need to be that hard, but it's what was in the lee 20 pound bottom pour pot. After inspecting the bullets, I will ladle pour them in the future. I will also use a much softer alloy, probably range lead w/tin added.

The loaded shells all are with WW-296 @ 24.5 grains,(thanks southpaw for the load reference).

Boolits dropped @ .5045, but sized nicely down to .501 in my Lyman 450.
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