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Hey Hardy,

As you know I'm a former South Carolinian....Boiling Springs HS and Clemson. As such, in many ways, I understand your typical local yokal from that area. Have you thought about trying to cater to their "confederate" side? For the natives you might try to spark their interest in their historic roots by bringing the War Between the States into focus and the role that BP firearms played during that period.

How many words do you have to work with? Here's my version. I hope it isn't too cheesy for you....

Re-live the battle for South Carolina, like the old heroes of north and south, with authentic era reproduction cap-and-ball black powder revolvers and firearms. These fully functional reproduction revolvers are identical to those weapons that played a significant role in battles throughout the War Between the States and the taming of the American West. You've seen these firearms featured in many Hollywood movies staring actors such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. We offer a wide selection of some of the finest reproductions you will see. Many of these firearms can easily be converted to fire as cap-and-ball or cartridge revolvers. We also carry all the supplies needed to get you started into the fascinating world of black powder firearms. These are REAL firearms just like your great-great-grandfather used.
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