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mykeal, my experience is very few inliners convert to traditional.
As I said, I don't know if it's 50% or 1%, and I suspect you don't either. But I do know, for a fact, that some who have started with in-line guns have converted. Some is better than none.
In my state of Arkansas, and I suspect most others, the muzzle loading season was created to give traditionalists an opportunity to have a quiet, low pressure hunt before the crowded modern gun season.
I don't know what the situation was or is in Arkansas. I do know what it was and is in Michigan. I've heard the same complaint here, but it's not true. There's nothing in the language of either the proposal to establish the season or the definition of the season itself about providing a special quiet or low-pressure hunting experience for a certain select few. There is language that says the season is established so that muzzleloaders would not have to compete for game with firearms capable of multiple shots without reloading. That's quite different from a 'quiet, low-pressure' hunt.
Many (most? all?) inliners out there think they have long range killers with those pellet and sabot goofy guns.
There are surely some, I agree with that; as to percentage, well, show me a credible survey. I know it's not all, and so do you.
I believe there are many more wounded deer during the muzzle loading season than during modern gun.
I don't. Show me.
They all think they are Jim Shockey.
Guys I have talked with think their funny guns are sighted in at 200 yards right out of the bubble wrap.
Well, now, that's true of any group regardless of their equipment. I've worked the firing line as an instructor and RSO at dozens of sight-in events prior to opening day here in Michigan, and I promise you that affliction is not isolated to in-line owners.

I offer you an alternative to getting
...puckered up over the sight...
How about you pick out one in-line owner a year and show him the benefits of the traditional side? Convince him, or her, to try it out, perhaps even lend him or her a traditional gun to use instead of the
...strange looking, plastic stocked toys what shoot pellets and sabots.
How about it - are you willing to be an ambassador for our sport?

I teach the muzzleloading section of Hunter Safety Education. I make it a point every class to pick out one student planning to shoot an in-line and convince them to try a traditional gun for that year's season. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don't but that doesn't keep me from trying. how about helping me out?
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