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mykeal, my experience is very few inliners convert to traditional. From a hunting/sport point of view, I have a few other objections. In my state of Arkansas, and I suspect most others, the muzzle loading season was created to give traditionalists an opportunity to have a quiet, low pressure hunt before the crowded modern gun season. That is gone. It is simply another season.
Many (most? all?) inliners out there think they have long range killers with those pellet and sabot goofy guns. I believe there are many more wounded deer during the muzzle loading season than during modern gun. They all think they are Jim Shockey. Guys I have talked with think their funny guns are sighted in at 200 yards right out of the bubble wrap.
The game and fish department is happy to have them come. It is good for herd management and the state economy in general. I can't argue that.
I think (for Arkansas, at least) the time has come to eliminate the muzzle loading season. That way, those of us who are stuck in a 250 year old time warp can still hunt the way we want to, albiet with those funny orange vests) and not have to get puckered up over the sight of those strange looking, plastic stocked toys what shoot pellets and sabots.
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