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First let me say this. I just love the side locks, Flint being my first love. Love
the revolvers also. 1851 Navy. When I started shooting serious, I look at some old pictures of the pistol line at Friendship say back in the late 40's and
throughout the 50's. What kind of pistols did I see? INLINES. They been
shooting these for a very long time. So that was what I went with. Every once in a while at the local level, someone might say, Oh I see you using a
inline. Like it's a bad thing. They usually get over it. Those who make those
remarks have not been to Friendship. Anyway I love them all. At least were
shooting. I even have pellet guns I shoot. Got one rubber band gun that
shoots a little low and to the left. Have to work on that one. Not all inlines
are ugly. Here is one I have that pertty much dominates the line at Friendship is offline  
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