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I think the NMLRA, of which I am a member, has made a serious mistake endorsing (modern) inlines.
We have been down this road before and I think that the NMLRA had no choice but to include In-Lines. I would not refer to it an an endorsment as much as promoting muzzlelloading. ......

During our Hunter Ed. Classes, I promote "Muzzleloading". Obviously I include In-Lines but like you, my passion is in my side-cockers and that includes Rock-Crushers. If the state ever required us to only teach In-Lines, I would stop teaching.

Those who buy and shoot those bubble packed, plastic stocked monstrosities do so only to extend their deer hunting season.
Certainly can't disagree with you on this, as the history and romance of Tradtionals is certainly lacking. I shoot and hunt with both and hope that In-Liners could discover the simple joy of Side-Locks. .....

JMHO and as always;

Be Safe !!!
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