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New guy here

Depending on the make/model of the mag holster there could be an adjustment screw to strengthen or lighten the tension that is put on the mags. Some shooting sports want mag carriers to cover a good portion of the magazine and to be able to retain the mag if turned upside down.

Speaking of mag pouches, put one on your belt and make sure when you draw your magazine you bring it up to the gun in the correct position. It's hard to illustrate on the interwebz and in forums but when you draw, depending on how you grip the magazine, it will either come up to the gun bullets-forward or bullets-rearward depending on how you grab them from you pouch. I shot IDPA and in my first match about 2 or 3 years ago I didn't even give that a thought and I was grabbing magazines and trying to insert them backwards. It's little stuff like this that you will learn during the first several trips to a competition.

The Chip mags are good and seem to be the 'other mag' people get when they don't want to drop the coin on Wilson 47D mags. Having said that, the Wilson 47D mags do seem to be the best mags I've bought/used in my 1911. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I shoot primarily Glocks now but my 1911 has all Wilson mags in both 8-round and 10-round and I'm happy I got them despite the extra $$$.
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