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They wrote about it today, although through some fairly dim lenses:
True, although there is some interesting information in there if you supplement your reading with other sources - did you catch the part where ATF had initiated a criminal investigation against Carter's Country for doing what ATF told them to do? Apparently now that the cat is out of the bag, they dropped the criminal investigation; but how scary is that if you are an FFL? I wonder if Carter's Country tried to stop cooperating and ATF leaned on them?

And as usualy, WaPo carries water for the ATF: "many gunrunning cases end with little more than paperwork violations against buyers who procure guns for others. Such so-called straw purchaser cases rarely amount to more than charges of lying on federal documents."

Last time I looked, that was a crime that could land you up to TEN YEARS in a federal prison. That isn't exactly a walk in the park. If 10 years in a federal prison isn't deterrent enough, then what is? And all you have to prove is that the guy lied on the paperwork. Way to unconditionally whitewash the story WaPo.

Plus as KyJim notes, Weich's statement is clearly false. They have video of the ATF watching these guys buy the weapons and drive off. They have logs showing the date and time the weapons crossed into Mexico. If ATF didn't allow the sales of weapons to a straw purchaser who took them into Mexico, then how did that happen?
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