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Thanks fellas.

Unfortunately, I bought the stuff before I got any responses.

I think I got some high-end stuff. (except the magazines, that is)

I got 3 extra Chip McCormick 8 round mags. with steel baseplates for $18 ea. They look pretty cheap, but seem like the'll be reliable. The clerk (I know, that doesn't necessarily mean much) said they are good mags. I'll have to check the brand on the holster and mag holders. The holster is plastic with a quick-release button, and seems VERY nice for competition.

The mag holders, I haven't quite figured out yet. I guess the mags go in upside down, but they are a very tight fit for the mags, and didn't come with much in the way of instructions.

I bought this stuff at the LGS mostly to try to support the local shop. The holster was $45, the mag holders were $25 ea. 10% off on everything, since I'd just bought the gun from them. From the prices you guys quoted, I either got good quality gear, or I got reamed by the LGS. (in which case, I won't support them any more for gear purchases) I'll check in later with pix or links.

Japle, who said I should get a 2 x 2 box for the stuff I bought and don't like might be onto something here, as the mag holders seem too tight.

weshoot2: I've only got a total of five mags. I hope that is enough.

It sure does cost a load of money to get started in this sport:

$600 for the gun.
$275 for 5 boxes of ammo, holster, and mag holders
It's going to be $200 to join the local range
$10 for each competition, each of which will require $40 worth of ammo. (assuming factory)

Speaking of ammo, does anyone have a good reliable load for a full size 1911 with HP 38 powder? I'll need to buy more bullets, and I'll probably go jacketed to cut down on scrubbing lead out of the barrel.

This place says the first match of each month is 22LR friendly. I'm thinking it may be worth investing in another 22 just for the ammo savings. (My Mk. II Target has a long barrel with an undercut front sight, which will not be ideal for holster duty)
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