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I wonder how long they would allow full auto Chinese AK's and grenades, bought in Mexico to go wandering around in our country if we had groups of narco traffickers killing US citizens.

Seems to me, that we are allowing Mexican citizens to die, in an effort to charge a few bad guys with as many counts of lying on a 4473 as possible.

Once you get the first SUV load of 30 rifles, all bought by one person, going over the border, seems the case is pretty well made to me.

Also, I love how the least harmful drug, but the most profitable one, seems to be the currency used to fund all these purchases.

Makes a great case to legalize cannabis, once and for all, and take away the main money stream for the cartels.

If you didn't have to watch for the TONS of weed coming in, it would make the search for heroin, cocaine, and meth a hell of alot easier.
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