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We're all supposed to be law-abiding gun owners and one has any business aiding and abetting some lawless political scheme, immunity or not, that results in trafficking arms to criminals. The parties to the scheme should have to literally steal the arms in order to further their goals, whatever they are. Let 'em get caught doing that, even the jackleg media can't ignore it.
I wonder if this violates any "international laws" since they apparently did NOT have the permission of the Mexican Government to do this.

I'm encouraged to see multiple media outlets, including CBS and the LA Times covering this. When you get the anti-gun/pro-gun-control media beating up a big government agency in charge of gun control, you know the excrement is hitting the rotating air movement device.

I wouldn't mind seeing this go right to Eric Holder and seeing that wimpy little AG taken down, maybe even tossed into the federal pen. He's a big time gun banner. I don't take kindly to people who want to take away my civil rights which he's supposed to protect according the the 2nd A.
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