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Wow, I just read the entire 44 page indictment.

It answered one of my questions, and that was the Dealers profits on the sales, seem to average about 300 dollars per item, with the exception of the Barretts and 50 caliber belt fed semi's.

I wonder if they let lone wolf keep the money, or if it was all seized as evidence.

I can understand the desire for the AK's but, if I wonder about their infatuation with the 5.7 pistols, unless they have a source for factory armor piercing ammo, thats unavailable in the US through normal sources.

If nothing else, its an interesting look into the mind of the cartels, and their shooters.

And, I know this, the distributor who was selling the AK's to Lone Wolf, must have sent him one hell of a fruit basket at Christmas time.
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