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New here, but Tom Servo, you are voicing a number of my concerns as an FFL, specifically about allowing a crime to be committed with the approval of the ATF.

Frankly, for that to happen, after a sit down with me, and my attorney, whose fee's they would have to be paying, I figured I would need a document clarifying the fact they were insisting on it, and a letter from someone very high up, like the AG of the US himself, giving me blanket immunity for all actions involved.

As well as a nice fee for me, for taking the chance that these gun running criminals may not forget who it was that helped bufu their operations, WITH A MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL!

And that fee BETTER include a spot in the witness protection program, with income guaranteed for life, if needed.

Seriously, do they expect us dealers to be a part of law enforcement?
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