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Alright, FINALLY bought the .223 today. Rock River Arms ar-15, got a red-dot sight, front rails, Hogue grip, and 200 rounds of Remington 55gn. for $1.98 shy of $1,000 (guess I should consider that a bargain considering I paid $1,200 for a Rohrbaugh R9 years ago, and it fits in a small pocket....).
Only shot 30 rounds today, but at approx. 50 yards standing, and only bore-sighted, almost all within tennis ball size. This is gonna be fun, and it looks cool.
Hope I don't neglect my handguns now...
Oh, more stuff to buy now, .223 dies, different powders and primers, shellplate, case trimmer, duh, duh, duh, don't end, does it?
Steve W.
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