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The FAQ's are the general FAQ's supplied by vBulletin, and probably have info on many features we don't have implemented here at TFL. Albums is one of the features we have chosen not to turn on. TFL isn't a social networking type of BB, so albums are not necessary here.

We do allow uploading attachments in posts, and those attachments can also be used in any future posts by the use of the [IMG] and [ATTACH] tags. However, there are several websites that specialize in image storage, and we encourage members to use them. Here's some of them:

Now, as for uploading an image of your M-4, we simply don't allow any pictures of M-4's here. No, seriously, it may be because the image is too large to upload. The image size limits are given in the Manage Attachments window when uploading. Or maybe there is something wrong with the structure of the image file you are trying to upload.
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