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on the cheap

MOST HIGHLY RECOMMEND starting with inexpensive yet serviceable gear, as you don't yet have enough experience to know what expensive stuff you'll prefer when you do.

For $20--30 you can get a Kydex Uncle Mikes holster ($20 in the Dillon catalog) or a fine Safailand 5187.
(In the same catalog) you can find a fine Blade-Tech for under $30, and their double mag pouch is very good.

McCormick 8-rd mags are a common choice, and for more money folks often choose the Wilson 47D.
I suggest those 8-rd magazines have an extended base pad for more reliable seating.
Five or six on your belt, one in your gun.

The stuff I carry with me: drink, magazine brush, rag, ammo, extra earplugs.
The stuff I have along: spare gun(s), gear, kitchen sink....


Find stuff in that Dillon catalog, or
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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