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Help Me Please

Ok so i have been interested in casting for years now. So I went to my local reloading store to pick up some primers that had come in. Not only did i get my primers but also lymans cast loading book. Since it was on sale and all. Just went back today and picked up a Lee 4-20, 2 molds for 9mm and a few other dodads. Got home and went straight to setting it all up. Cleaned and smoked the molds per the instructions and started up the production pot. Took me about 50 bullets to get the pour right so i didn't get wrinkles. After that everything smoothed out. But here is the problem, about halfway through it started to build a brownish red powder on top of my melt. Quiet a bit of it as a mater of fact. The mold was a 124grn bullet and they weighed in at 123.8 so what is going on?

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