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I ran an issued ACOG or a privately purchased Horus Talon on my M4A1 before I got out. Presently run an privately purchased ACOG on my AR.

I know the M4 is really for shorter distances than the A2
In actual military usage, this isn't true. An ACOG on either an M4 of M16 makes a 600 meter gun (at least for range use -- mileage tends to vary and diminish badly in the real world), without magnified optics neither is much good past 300 and really not coming into their own until a good ways inside that distance.

Can you guys recommend a good optic for an M4?
What's your price range? A good quality used ACOG (TA01NSN model) can be had in the $600-ish range, which is also what they're charging for the Horus scope I mentioned above these days, I think (though that is without rings or other mount). Prices up from there for .mil issue stuff or built to similar standards.
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