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I guess I don't think I I would ever shoot another dog that was attacking my dog. I live in a heighborhood and the chance of a bullet going somewhere I don't want it to is just too great. I would have to fear for my own or my child's life (or serious injury) before I pulled my CCW on a dog. Basically it would have to be attacking a person for me to shoot it, not another animal. I love my dogs, but not enough to put neighborhood bystanders at risk over a dogfight. To you folks advocating shooting at dogs in areas populated by people, you should probably carry pepper spray for dogs and a CCW for human attackers. It makes sense if you're worried about another dog hurting your dog.

If you live in the country and there are plenty of good shooting lanes...blast away. Make no mistake I have no remorse for killing a bad dog, I just think discharging a firearm around the general public requires more than the risk of injury to an animal.

So if someone beats their dog they should be charged with animal cruelty, but defending their dog's life is questionable? Makes no sense. I would shoot a person if they were trying to kill my dog for no reason other than walking by.
You'll go to jail for it, but what's worse is somebody will lose a son/father/brother etc over a dog. Think about that. I couldn't disagree more with that thought process. Animals are animals and people are people. If somebody is trying to hurt your dog, give him a good ass kicking by all means, but killing him? That's murder dude.
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