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Weekly Update 03-06-2011

On 02-18-2011, in Schrader v. Holder (just appeared this week), plaintiffs filed their first amended complaint.

On 03-01-2011, in Mishaga v. Monken (Ill FOID), plaintiffs filed their first amended complaint.

On 03-02-2011, in Ezell v. Chicago, the parties finally found a date that they can agree upon... Oral Arguments before the 7th Circuit have been set for April 4th.

On 03-03-2011, in Richardson v. Prieto (was Sykes v. McGuiness), defendants opposition to the MSJ was filed. Here, defendants conflate several issues to make the point that Unloaded Open Carry is still an avenue for adequate self defense.

On 03-03-2011, in Benson v. Chicago, plaintiffs have filed their opposition to defendants MTD. The plaintiffs point out several differences between the City's ordinances and State law in carrying firearms. So there is a good chance that the MTD will not be granted afterall.
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