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As per the Avila indictment, over 600 AK-47 pattern rifles were acquired through a single dealer in a series of straw purchases, over a time span of 15 months. That number doesn't include numerous pistols.

The dealer was Lone Wolf Trading Company. According to a redacted ATF investigation report (Attachment 1), the Bureau was involved in a sting operation involving a series of straw purchases from Lone Wolf during that time period. Said straw purchases were done with the help of a "cooperating defendant."

I guess that's what they call them now.

In any case, that can't be a coincidence. This brings us to question #2: what was the ownership of Lone Wolf thinking, allowing as many as 40 rifles go out to the same guy in a single transaction?

I've seen some astoundingly people in my day, but I don't think the owner of Lone Wolf is one of them. At some point, he had to have involved the ATF. Nobody with an ounce of instinct for self-preservation would have kept quiet about something like that.

It stands to reason that he was cooperating with the Bureau, and under advice (or orders) to allow these purchases to take place.

So, where does this leave him? His reputation is ruined. He can claim (rightfully, I'm guessing) that he was cooperating in a law-enforcement operation, but the public will remember him as the guy "supplying the cartels." Brian Terry's blood isn't on his hands, but I'm sure he's hearing accusations to that effect at this very moment.

According to David Voth's letter prior to the straw buys:

we have a exciting opportunity to use the biggest tool in our law enforcement tool box. If you don't think this is fun you're in the wrong line of work-period! This is the pinnacle of domestic U.S. law enforcement techniques. After this the tool box is empty. Maybe the
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