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Originally Posted by simince
The pistol becomes an SBR when it is registered whether there is a stock on it or not.
I have drafted this letter. I will be sending it to the ATF on Monday.

I have a letter in to the ATF dated July, 2010, and they still haven't answered that letter. I would not expect to hear from them on this letter for at least a year.

It makes little difference. The Glock I'm putting the stock on is pretty much a range toy anyway, so it's really academic for my purposes, but I will send this letter. Please let me know if you think it needs a little tweaking. Thanks in advance.

Originally Posted by ATF Letter
March 5, 2011

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

I am writing you this letter in order to gain some clarification on a couple questions regarding transport and use of a Glock Handgun registered as a Short Barrel Rifle.

I have a Glock Handgun, and have submitted a Form 5320.1 to convert this pistol into a Short Barrel rifle using a RONI stock/conversion. Product information is available on this web site: with enclosed descriptions and pictures from that website enclosed.

As you can see, the pistol remains un-altered and can be placed into this stock/frame to create a short barrel rifle. Once the firearm is placed into this frame, CAN I REMOVE IT and USE IT AS A HANDGUN?

For instance, if the stock was to be left in the safe, could the pistol be used in it's original handgun configuration? Would I need to file a 5320.20 or write a letter for transporting this handgun across state lines provided the stock is left in the safe at the address of record? Could this handgun be transported into a state that does NOT ALLOW SHORT BARREL RIFLES, provided the stock is left in my home state? If the handgun is removed from the SBR Frame, can that handgun be carried as a handgun in accordance with all the applicable state and federal laws and permits? In essence, when a handgun is registered as a short barrel rifle, and the handgun is removed from the stock/frame, can the handgun be used as any other handgun, or would it be forever used as a SHORT BARREL RIFLE and SHORT BARREL RIFLE RULES APPLY FULL TIME, REGUARDLESS OF CONFIGURATION?

Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

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