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The shooter was protecting his dog - making no claim for protecting himself with lethal force - questionable legal use of his weapon.
So if someone beats their dog they should be charged with animal cruelty, but defending their dog's life is questionable? Makes no sense. I would shoot a person if they were trying to kill my dog for no reason other than walking by.

In my years of experience with that - Fox pepper spray does a better and more instant job of warding off the attacking dog
As stated pepper spray isn't on many peoples list of dog walking necessities. Leash? Check. Water? Check. Poop bag? Check. Oh yeah the fox pepper spray.

The owner of the attacking dog is charged with having a dangerous dog ???
Yes. When your giant dog attacks it will be labeled a dangerous dog. Even if it doesn't attack it is labeled simply for being a huge dog. Many cities have an "aggressive breeds list". They aren't allowed to be outside your property without a muzzle unless they take a class to prove their "tameness". Even then one attack and you are up a creek. It comes with the territory of owning a giant dog(I know, I own one). Some insurance companies won't cover your house if you own one for this very reason. Even if the "dog was just being a dog and may never have done anything aggressive before" it only takes one time for it to kill(and the size of the dog that one time wouldn't take very long).
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