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Requesting help gearing up for action shooting

I'm a long-time shooter, but just bought my first 1911, a Para GI Expert.

I'd like to have fun with it and join my local USPS action shooting league.

It says I need 4 mags and a holster. I assume I'll need a magazine holster too?

Which mags are affordable, yet reliable? I see that people talk about Wilson a lot, but they seem to be spendy and out of stock at Midway.

My Para will include two 8 round magazines. When they say bring 4 magazines, does it assume 10-round mags, or what? If so, I guess I'll need 8 magazines.

What holster is cheap, yet decent? This will not be a carry holster, as I can't carry here in IL, but it should at least be rugged and it should clear easily.

What other stuff should I plan on bringing. Water and maybe sunscreen or bug spray, I guess. Anything else?
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