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When border-state gun dealers report suspicious multiple purchases to ATF, they order the dealers to sell the guns anyway, then let them disappear into Mexico, in order to justify new regulations requiring dealers in border states to report multiple purchases, and to substantiate the administration's claims that most guns used in Mexico's drug wars come from the US.
Yep, you've got the logic.

I had to do a routine trace last week, and once I pulled the records, I asked the agents for some context. They wouldn't go into detail, but it smelled like a straw purchase situation.

One of them asked me what I did if I suspected that someone was committing a straw buy. Well, I throw the bum out. If he's belligerent, I contact local law enforcement.

Apparently, that isn't what they want dealers doing. I was instructed to proceed with the transaction, then call the local office with the buyer's information.

Sorry, but that could potentially make me an accessory, and I won't be doing it. Still, the request was odd. Then I ran across the Avila indictment.

Take a look at it. That's a massive, ongoing, obvious criminal enterprise, and I doubt Lone Wolf would have let it go on if they hadn't been asked the same thing I was.

I'm a pretty big skeptic when it comes to Big Conspiracy Theories, but this all comes together in a very unsavory pattern that's hard to ignore.

I also notice that, as of tonight, the Christian Science Monitor and CNN have picked up on it.
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