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Nagant Rifles - Which one is the best?

Seeing a variety of Nagants coming into the country again. Seeing Polish, Russian and Fin versions of the Nagant. Finding them over the counter in arsenal refinished condition for $149.00 and up, and through shippers, I am finding them "as-is" for about 95 bucks and up. The Fin has a sort of "mauser" looking wood stock that is nicely cut, but seems to be of spruce that is dyed reddish brown. They want 300 to 400 bucks for the Finland model.

I have one "K-44" that actually has Korean markings on it - a short rifle with folding three corner dirk pig sticker. Probably North Korean, originating in China or something of that nature. I was told it was picked up in Vietnam and brought back by a GI in the early 1960s. Russians called it the M44 Carbine, but the Vietnamese designation was K-44.

I want a long-Nagant, and I cant decide between the Polish and the Russian.

The Nagants are solid little critters for sure, but the machining on them varies a great deal from plant to plant, place to place. Some of the Polish ones look really good. Most of the Russian ones are rough, but with occasional perfect looking pieces in war-time finish.

Does anyone have any information as to which type of Nagant might make the better piece and which might retain or gain some value in the years to come?
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