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I would like to say, I have no problem with 600 yrs and I don't, but I can not shoot eggs 1shot=1egg. That being said there are better shooters than I at that, I will say it will depend on the target your going to be shooting. I enjoy moa at 600 yrds but again that 6'' at moa. If your going to shoot game less is better, I can have zombie size at 500+ and hit in the targeted area at 10x fixed but anything beyond 400 at p-dogs (being about 10'' high) mirage is VERY noticeable so I will only use 12 to 14 and sometimes its too much, that I may be witness to the hit and kill of them evil p-dogs. Again everyone enjoys different power levels and you find that each time the power is ajusted the POI's are affected larger targets maybe less noticeable but they change none the less.
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