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From WIKI:

Long Tom was a trade name sold by Sears Roebuck. They were manufactured by Crescent Firearms before 1930 and by Stevens/Savage after that. Probably last made around 1945.


I also have a "Long Tom" shot gun that was handed down to me by my father. I could be mistaken but I was I remember him telling me that he bought it at Wards for about $7.00. I was born in 1939 and he had the gun as long as I can remember. With the 36 inch barrel it points like a "dream" and with a full choke it does reach out there. It kicks like a son of agun, too.


Peter - If your dad bought your Long Tom early in the 1930's, it may have been chambered for a slightly shorter shell than you have used. Many were still being made for the 2 9/16" roll crimped ammunition instead of the modern 2 3/4" and 3" 'pie crimped' variety. Although the longer shells will chamber, they cannot open properly. This, plus the fact that the newer shells are usually loaded a bit hotter, causes a harder kick. It also makes it a bit harder to extract the spent shells.

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