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Kolb/ Sedgley Baby Hammerless repair.

Hi, How's everyone? I purchased an old Sedgley Baby Hammerless Model 1910. At, I was able to determine that it's a small frame "transition" model, first type, 6 shot .22 caliber revolver. I bought it cheap because it's not working and thought it'd be fun to try and work on it. You pull the trigger and the cylinder advances, but then nothing happens, hammer doesn't cock or drop. I've taken it completely apart and I think I see the problem but the problem is, it's impossible to find an exploded parts diagram anywhere! There's a piece that looks like it's been rigged with a paperclip that broke at some point. It's part of the general trigger assembly and I think it's called the "hand" (sorry I'm no gunsmith; I think it's the part that advances the cylinder)? I'll attach a picture of the part in case someone can recognize it and tell me if indeed that is the problem and what that part name is so I can try to hunt one up. It would be great if someone could direct me to a parts schematic as well. I heard that Numrich once had a schematic for a Model 1916, which I think would work for me, but I don't think it's available anymore. Last, if anyone has the Frank Sellers book on these Baby Hammerless revolvers and could tell me if it includes exploded diagrams and or nice pics of exploded revolvers, that would be great! It might be worth purchasing if it has those diagrams. Thanks all, please don't let me down.
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