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Ruger P95 is a top candidate...runs more reliably than any semi-auto in that price range.

The P85Mk2 ain't that bad either. Barrel is 1/2" longer, it's heavier, still runs very well.

I have a friend with a P85Mk2 that I've made two holsters for. In looking at it closely, it appears it can be put into a sort of "cocked and locked mode" by cocking the hammer and then throwing the safety on to a point just before the de-cocker hits. For this to be safe, a holster would have to be specially designed to hold the safety at exactly that point appears possible to me. At least for a rig I made for my own use, don't know that I'd do one for anybody else as it's a bit "edgy". But it also has a good Ruger trigger-linked automatic safety and even when "cocked and locked" in this fashion, the trigger pull is still full length. Much lighter than true DA though...same as the trigger feels after that first shot (it's technically a DA first shot, SA thereafter same as most of the P95s).
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