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OS2? What's your time line to retirement? You can't have more than 12 years in.

Anyway, you've got one huge advantage right off the bat - You're on a CV. Those babies have huge machine shops on them. Make friends with an MR1, and ask him to show you how to use the lathe & mill (drill presses are easy cake).

Now this is key - JIGS! The advantage to having access to a lathe & mill isn't that you directly use them to work on your guns. The advantage is that you use them to make the jigs that make your common, every-day gunsmithing tasks easy. There are all kinds of common jigs. Yes, you can just buy them at MidwayUSA & Brownell's. But at $100 a pop it's better if you can make them yourself.

Check out I'm willing to bet they've got drawings on all kinds of jigs for different jobs. Between you and your new MR1 friend you should be able to just crank those out.

Just one WestPAC or MED tour, and you could end up with thousands of dollars worth of jigs, plus invaluable lathe & mill experience.
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