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Thanks everybody to all the replies:

phydaux: Not a Chief brother that would be nice...currently an OS2 soon as I hit OS1 my LDO package will be ready to go. Currently serving on CVN-77

Everybody Else: As far as the business aspect goes I don't wanna start up in that until a little bit down the road. My equivalent Navy Job in the civilian world with my clearance will get me at least 60k (I've been keeping an eye on it). I am very fortunate to have a dad who is a self employed business owner so I have been picking his brain. Just trying to get ready for this deployment so I am just learning more about guns for now. Downloaded a couple of schematics that show the entire layout of some weapons. Getting the basic terms down pact for now. I kind of figured that it would be a rough start which is why I'd like to start networking and doing small jobs for now just to make a name and hopefully that will soften the blow of starting up my business. Thanks again Everyone!
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