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I placed a fairly large order with on 2/14/2011. Please note, before I placed the order I verified that it was in-stock.

On 2/18/2011 I became a little concerned that I had not received a shipment conformation or any kind of correspondence in regards to my order so I called their customer support telephone number and I left a message (during their business hours.)

On 2/21/2011 I called customer support again (during business hours) and was forced to leave another message.

I called again on 2/22/2011 and yet again I was forced to leave a voice message. A few hours later, I decided to call again but this time I tried option #1 (to place an order) instead of option #2 (customer support) in their phone system, and my call was answered on the second ring! I was told that my order was received but they did not know where the ammunition was in their warehouse. After being placed on hold for some time I was told they are expecting a new shipment in within the next week and would be able to complete my order as soon as the new shipment arrived. I kindly asked for a refund which I received a few days later…

Once I was finally able to reach someone they were polite and quickly issued a refund. It was however frustrating that no one ever returned my phone call or tried to contact me once they discovered they could not locate my order.
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