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Gun plumbing. . .

First, I welcome you in your quest.

Second. Unless you have a large sum of disposable capital be prepared to starve for awhile. I made $225 a week when I began.

I'm prolly making about the same now that I'm self employed.

Equipment costs are huge. Schools are great to some extent. They also fill a guy's head with delusional thoughts. I was once the ram rod at Nesika Bay Precision. They gave me 5 first year graduates from G/S school. With the exception of two, it was the worst experience of my life.

Your NOT going to graduate and slide into a 50K a year job. Never happen.

Not trying to discourage, just being realistic. Product liability insurance, overhead, leases, inventory tax, use tax, state/federal witholdings, etc will erode your bottom line quickly.

Be creative, be dilligent, and be frugal.

Good luck.

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