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First, the match briefing states .30-06 ammo is available, but do you have to use the approved ammo, or can I use my handloads???

Ammo (and a clip) has been provided at the JCG matches I've attended. You did not have to use it. Your match may have different rules.

Second, I assume for the prone stage I will be able to use a shooting mat (which I have)

Shouldn't be a problem.

Third, how does the scoring work?

You get the score you shoot on your target. X's count 10 and are used as tie-breakers.

Finally, if you think of anything that I am just not thinking about, that will prevent me from looking "silly" please let me know!!

It's hard to look silly at a Garand match. Good folks there that offer lots of help. In fact, you don't even have to show up with a Garand. Someone will loan you one.
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