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John C Garand Match Questions

Hey everyone, thinking of signing up for the JC Garand Match at my local club. Match is not until May, and another in July, just trying to find out what to expect, and what I will need to know and practice. I will be shooting my stock Springfield M1 Garand, courtesy of CMP.

The match is CMP approved, here is a description of the stages:
Course of Fire: 2011 John C. Garand Match Course B*
First Stage - Slow fire, 200 yards, Prone. 5 sighting and 20 record shots in 25 minutes.
Second Stage - Rapid fire, 200 yards, Prone. 10 record shots in 80 seconds.
Third Stage* - Rapid fire, 200 yards, Sitting. 10 record shots in 70 seconds.
Fourth Stage* - Slow fire, 200 yards, Standing. 10 record shots in 10 minutes.
*rapid fire stages will begin from position due to range restrictions

So I have a couple questions:

First, the match briefing states .30-06 ammo is available, but do you have to use the approved ammo, or can I use my handloads???

Second, I assume for the prone stage I will be able to use a shooting mat (which I have)

Third, how does the scoring work?

Finally, if you think of anything that I am just not thinking about, that will prevent me from looking "silly" please let me know!!

Thanks everyone!!
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