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Originally Posted by kadima
And, the trigger seems to be a set one, could you confirm?
Originally Posted by jondalton007
-Im sorry for the lack of knowedge I have but I dont know what you mean by set trigger.
Originally Posted by Hawg Haggen
It means the sear is adjustable to lighten trigger pull.
Since Kadima asked if it was a set trigger and not if was adjustable, I disagree with Hawg Haggen's explanation of what a set trigger is.

A set trigger is not the same as an adjustable trigger. A set trigger is either single set or double set and functions as described below. Being an adjustable trigger is distinct from being a set trigger. Many set triggers are adjustable but not all adjustable triggers are set triggers.

So Kadima's question remains whether that single trigger will move forward so that it can be set or not?

Set trigger

A set trigger allows a shooter to have a greatly reduced trigger pull (the resistance of the trigger) while maintaining a degree of safety in the field. There are two types: Single Set and Double Set.

Single set trigger

A Single Set Trigger is usually one trigger that may be fired with a conventional amount of trigger pull weight or may be 'set' by usually pushing forward on the trigger. This takes up the creep in the trigger and allows the shooter to enjoy a much lighter trigger pull.

Double set trigger

As above, a double set trigger accomplishes the same thing, but uses two triggers: one sets the trigger and the other fires the weapon. Set triggers are most likely to be seen on customized weapons and competition rifles where a light trigger pull is beneficial to accuracy.

Double set triggers can be further classified by phase.[4] A double set, single phase trigger can only be operated by first pulling the set trigger, and then pulling the firing trigger. A double set, double phase trigger can be operated as a standard trigger if the set trigger is not pulled, or as a set trigger by first pulling the set trigger. Double set, double phase triggers offer the versatility of both a standard trigger and a set trigger.

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