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The GP100 will stand up to full house loads for several lifetimes.
Bill Ruger and the GP saved my a** from my own stupid mistake. I had mistakenly mis-set my scale to 15.0 gr instead of the intended 10.5 gr. of Blue Dot. Yes, that's about a 50% overcharge, talk about a proof load. Anyway, the pressure drove the primer out of the pocket and you could read the head stamp on the recoil shield. The loose primer jammed the action. Cleared the action and reloaded with normal load, everything worked perfectly. In fact, if the action hadn't jammed, I wouldn't have known anything was wrong except for a louder bang.
Now that's a well built gun.
Check out the Ruger Forum for step by step process on how to clean up the action. Nothing big, just deburring and a little polishing but it makes a big difference.
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