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Wow, lots of replies to make!

Double Naught Spy wrote:

You must have posted in the wrong thread. The person in question appeared to have a fine attitude. He was having a good time. No respect for others? No sense of responsibility? How could you determine this from the descriptions.
Well, as far as him calling his girlfriend a "bitch" and treating her like dirt, I'd say that's definitely not respectable. Considering there were other women present, that makes him doubly a boor. And I'd say the fact that he clearly made no attempt to even look up basic safety protocols on the internet (or if he did, chose to ignore them), much less take a class, but instead blast away like he has a new toy and almost ended up falling over (and possibly shooting someone), I'd say that's very irresponsible.

I had a new shooter with me, and I stood next to him, telling him how to stand, how to aim, here's how you load the gun safely, keep that barrel pointed downrange at all times, etc. Had him clean up after himself too. The gangbanger left used targets on the firing lane, he didn't even bother to dump his garbage after he was done. Rude and obnoxious.

If you knew anything about gangbangers, you would know they have a tremendous amount of respect for others that they respect and they do have responsibility.
I can count on my hand how many gangbangers I've come across that have respect for anyone. Minus a thumb and forefinger.

BTW...ooops! I mis-attributed this quote to Skadoosh:

Strangely, people complain about there being too much noise at the gun range when they are shooting. I never figured that out either. As for being sloppy and foolish not being a good thing, the alledged gangbanger was safer than your Indiana cop who should have had fairly extensive training at some point, even if he wasn't currently proficient.
Sorry, that was from Double Naught Spy. And very true. Sadly.

The person who was there stated that he did nothing unsafe. How can you argue with that?

So just how was the guy being foolish?

He wasn't a great shot, but his shooting wasn't unsafe.
I never meant that he was being safe though. I only mentioned that he did not do something immediately dangerous, ie point his gun at someone, etc. But what he was doing was clearly dangerous, or very close to being dangerous. He tipped backwards at least twice, then re-gained his balance. Had he fallen over, he was far too inexperienced to know to take his finger outside the trigger guard. There was a huge potential that he could have fallen over, since he came so close to doing so. And had he done so, the potential for him shooting whoever was next to him was pretty significant. So yeah, it was at the very least borderline dangerous, if not outright dangerous.
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