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Swamp Yankee wrote:

I would argue that someone whose stance is so improper as to cause them to fall over with their trigger on the finger is being dangerous. Do you disagree? Is this a stance you practice? To be clear, the subject did not fall over. But the potential for him to fall over existed and he was utilizing a very poor stance that could not provide secure control of his firearm.

For hypothetical consideration: If you place a loaded gun on the kitchen table in front of a 5 year old and leave the room, is this dangerous? Even if the kid has not touched the gun before you left the room? (Answer: most certainly and without a doubt YES)

The point being that something or someone can go from foolish to dangerous and/or deadly in a split second which is why gun safety (or defensive driving or safety with tools, ladders, knives, swimming pools, etc.) is so important. From now I consider anyone being foolish with a gun to be considered dangerous.
I think you understand what I'm getting at perfectly. It's not that he was doing anything immediately dangerous, ie he was not pointing his gun at other shooters or trying to spin it on his finger like a cowboy or anything. He was just being a moron, and straddling that fine line where all it takes to win a Darwin Award is a tiny little misstep. Which does make it a dangerous or at least very potentially dangerous situation.

Which is why I asked for some feedback. It seemed that if I went to the range officer, what could I say? "Some fool is missing his target and almost fell over"? Not sure the complaint would seem very serious. And confronting the gangbanger won't likely get anywhere either. "Do you mind learning how to shoot and be careful not to fall on your ass and shoot me accidentally?". You see where I'm going with this. Others can't.
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