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Skadoosh wrote:

Gang banger or not, unless he is an escaped fugitive or has a warrant out for his arrest and if the proprietor has no problem with him being there, he still has as much a right to be there as you. And you still have the right to stay or leave. It is why this country remains great.
I have no idea why you're constantly referring to his "right" to be there. I never mentioned anything about rights, or who has more right to be there, or any such thing. My original post has nothing to do with whether he has a "right" to be at the range. I simply asked for others' insight on how they might handle such a situation, since it fell into a gray area, ie someone not necessarily doing something outright dangerous, but acting in a manner that puts him on the borderline of doing so.

Strangely, people complain about there being too much noise at the gun range when they are shooting. I never figured that out either. As for being sloppy and foolish not being a good thing, the alledged gangbanger was safer than your Indiana cop who should have had fairly extensive training at some point, even if he wasn't currently proficient.
So very true. Disturbing, isn't it, that I ran into a cop that had less gun safety skills than some young gangebanger type.
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