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Ruger GP revolvers...

I can't speak highly enough about Ruger's robust GP line.
To my understanding, CorBon uses 6" barrel Ruger GP100s to T&E new .357magnum loads.
I owned a new surplus Ruger GPNY, a DA only .38spl issued to the NYPD. I bought the stainless wheelgun in 2006. It was great. I added new Hogue rubber grips(a standard on newer GP revolvers).

I would like to buy a NIB 6" blue steel .357magnum GP100 or maybe a 4" barrel .327Federal to get tricked out(ports, plate work, grips, etc).
Smith and Wesson ran print ads saying they used stronger, higher quality steel than Ruger. I recall a funny ad with a thick hamburger that looked like a GP100. S&W's point was lost on me because I'd consider a strong, thick frame able to hold up to full house magnum rounds.

That's the main point of buying a magnum DA revolver.
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