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Art you are 100% correct, I have killed many in my trapping years, Male one day and female the next on the same trap! That was 30+ years ago, the deer herds were substantial then and decimated now in the same areas.

For all my Non-California friends.... You never go in to the woods unarmed anymore. Some people can't believe it or doubt your sanity when you tell them Mt. Lions eat 1 deer per week for life!

A strong reminder for those who live in the foothills and the cougar population is growing!! Nobody I know has ever seen this behavior before, usually very non-social cats

A woman who lives about 2-3 miles from Lake Oroville, Ca. sent these pictures which were taken just 1 mile from Forbestown, Ca A cow was found killed and the trail cam was put in place to see what was preying on it.

You can count up to eight cats in one of the pictures. Who'd ever heard of
eight cougars at a kill site. They're starting to act more like a pride of lions than the solitary cougars they normally are. Even if you had an UZI, your odds of making it to the truck are slim when this group is hungry. Reminds me of Africa, instead of a small town in the USA.

"Happiness is knowing the Barred Owl is Eating the Spotted Owl and environmentalists are watching Nature take it's course"

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