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Gang banger or wanna be, makes no difference. Poor attitude, no respect for others, and no sense of responsibility! If it walks like a duck etc!!!
You must have posted in the wrong thread. The person in question appeared to have a fine attitude. He was having a good time. No respect for others? No sense of responsibility? How could you determine this from the descriptions.

If you knew anything about gangbangers, you would know they have a tremendous amount of respect for others that they respect and they do have responsibility.

Anyway, I personally don't mind if there are 10 other people spraying their rounds like machine guns. If there are thousands of rounds shooting off around me every minute, that's fine. Excessive noise is a stress, so that lets me work on handling ignoring it. Just another aspect of training. My only concern is that, as Swamp Yankee pointed out, being sloppy and foolish with a gun is never a good thing, and that leads to accidents. I prefer someone like that have his accident in the privacy of his own home, not on the range with me.
Strangely, people complain about there being too much noise at the gun range when they are shooting. I never figured that out either. As for being sloppy and foolish not being a good thing, the alledged gangbanger was safer than your Indiana cop who should have had fairly extensive training at some point, even if he wasn't currently proficient.

The subject in question was being fooling. Being foolish with a firearm is dangerous. Ergo, the "gang-banger" was being dangerous!
The person who was there stated that he did nothing unsafe. How can you argue with that?

So just how was the guy being foolish?

He wasn't a great shot, but his shooting wasn't unsafe.

If you want to talk about being unsafe, check out the guy in the videos of post #34. He repeatedly violates all of the safety rules....and he wrote them.
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