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There have always been range slobs. Sometimes at supervised ranges and always at unsupervised ranges. There have always been low lifes. The "gang bang" and "Thug" culture is just the latest breed. Half of them are well brought up middle class white boys who are scared they won't fit in if they don't walk around like they're in an Emenem (Rap) video. I see the little kid from down the street who mowed lawns now 16 and walking down the street (the sidewalk's not gangsta) holdin' his junk and waddling like he has a rash. All outlandish behavior is a plea for attention and the fool at the range got yours, I try to ignore them. However, on a technical note, there's a good bit of metal in the carriages and arms and coardboard clips that hold the targets that is NOT meant to be shot. Take a look some time, they're full of dents. Here's a thought everybody, next time at the indoor range check the wall BEHIND you for holes.
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