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Just remember -
In general, cats don't annihilate deer and elk populations like dogs do.

It's just that the deer don't want to hang around an area they know cats are in.
....Much the same as humans generally avoid ghettos, slums, and areas known for two-legged predators.
A mtn lions primary food source is deer. Unlike a dog or coyote that can and will survive on mice, rabbits, and other small critters, lions eat deer. I once found a hillside littered with deer remains. We counted something like 33 dead deer on that hillside, and in the wash at the bottom of the hill? Lots of lion tracks, and a spring for water.

This is my semi-educated opinion only, but if the cat is sticking around one area, it may have a kill there. Look around and see if you can find it. If you can, then set up nearby with an electronic caller with a prey sound of some kind playing. I'd suggest deer or jackrabbit. Call for an honest hour, then pull up stakes and move to another location not too far from the kill sight (if you do find it). Call for another hour, and repeat.

The best time is at first or last light, or at night (I think that's legal in Texas). Keep your body still, and your eyes busy; cats are very sneaky, and can sneak in on you in places you'd never expect.

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