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Here are some of the highlights.

Match Winner:
John Zurek from Arizona, with a 2658-154x and this included a PHX range
record in 22 with a 895-55x
First Master was Chuck Holt from Colorado, with a 2609-97x
First Expert was Bruce Beauregard from Vermont,, with the All Guard Team
with a 2549-88x
First Sharpshooter was Tom Farrell from California, with a 2945-62x
First Marksman was Buzz Reed from New Mexico, with a 2253-34

Clarence Perkins of Arizona won 6 point toward his EIC Distinguished status
with a 278-6x and 6 points for the second leg in the Distinguished Revolver
Match to win his Distinguished Revolver Badge with a 260-6x

Travis Zwickle from Nebraska won the first leg in the Distinguished Revolver
Match (8 points) with a 266-6x

The Service Pistol Championship winner was John Zurek with an 870-36x

The gun give always in which the total agg of the 2700 and the Service
Pistol 900 saw three winners.
John Zurek with a score of 3528-190x
Chuck Holt with a score of 3407-111x
Clarence Perkins with a score of 3359-100x

The gun awarded is a Springfield 1911 for each winner.

B.E. Master indoor and out
Distinguished Revolver Badge #99

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