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from the NRA rules that apply to the CMP

5.2 Artificial Support - Artificial support is defined as follows:
(a) Any supporting surface, except the ground, not specifically authorized for use in the rules for the position
(c) Any glove on the shooting hand.
(c) Any garment which can be interpreted as providing artificial support.
(d) Any band on the shooting arm (including wrist watches) that are within two (2) inches of the wrist joint. The
term artificial support shall not apply to the "tennis elbow" type strap or band if worn on the forearm no
closer than two inches from the wrist or elbow joint. This rule recognizes that such a strap or band merely
allows a competitor to compete up to their normal ability and offers no advantage to a shooter with no
physical problems.
(e) Other devices which can be interpreted as artificial support. (See Rule 3.18).
Use of artificial support is prohibited except as individually authorized for a physically disabled shooter. (See

This might help.

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