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I have the 870 Express Compact Junior for my scrawny 13 Y/O 80 lb. kid in 20ga. It scared him at first and I had reservations. I know how much the 870 in 12 ga. used to kick me around and I am not recoil sensitive. The Remy 870 comes with an R3 recoil pad which is very effective. After teaching my son proper shooting stance he has learned to shoot it more effectively and even recently went through 60+ rounds in one afternoon. That 20 really doesn't kick that much though fear of the gun will have more effect. I am 5'5" and 155 lbs but I decided a Remy 1100 was more my style and less kicking. Any sub 7lb shotty will kick somewhat but the semis kick much less than the pumps. I do remember seeing a 200lb/ 6'+ cop return a sub 7lb Benelli M1S90 semi auto to the gunshop owner complaining about the "kick." I've shot a friends M1S90 and it swings faster due to it's light weight but it kicks almost as much as a pump. I found that teaching my son to lean forward with the recoil pad firmly on your shoulder, alleviated much of his felt recoil(I also advised him to grab the shotgun firmly).
BTW, I've shortened all my stocks to accomodate my shorter stature. 12.5" LOP for both of my 12 gauges and rifles. I'm working on doing this to my M1A but having trouble finding a smith to do it.

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